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(Co-author with Dr. Peter Lillback of GEORGE WASHINGTON'S SACRED FIRE*)

(One of the photos above is of my son Eric in Kristiansand, Norway)
Now celebrating 34 years of marriage (6/28/2014)---34 years of empirical evidence I married a saint

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***Here is me commenting on my volume, The Book That Made America***

Recently I tweeted:

Great new book, for which I wrote the Foreword---has 50 Jefferson docts never in print before- by Dr Mark Beliles - click for more info



Look for new book soon by Dr. Beliles and me: DOUBTING THOMAS, 

a fresh re-evaluation of Jefferson's faith




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Thanks to Mike at the Mic (on, I have the audio of my 
opening prayer at the main Ft. Lauderdale Memorial Day service (5/26/14)

***Recent Radio Shows***

Is Same-sex Marriage the beginning of the end of Western Civilization? Mat Staver comments


Could the IRS go after churches for allegedly preaching on politics? Heritage guest Hans Von Spakovsky comments


Kevin Sorbo returns to discuss his movie GOD'S NOT DEAD


David A. R. White, a leader at Pure Flix, which produced GOD'S NOT DEAD, comments on it


David Kyle Foster, ex-gay, on his new movie, SUCH WERE SOME OF YOU
Dr. Paul Kengor, Reagan expert, compares the 40th president's reaction to the downing of KAL 007 in 1983 vs. Obama's reaction to MH17
Author Dr. Karen Gushta comments on Common Core
My on-air tribute to my brother Doug who died 7/3/14
Mark Tooley of the IRD on the PCUSA to now conduct same sex weddings
Arab Winter comes to America, says best-selling author Robert Spencer
1 out 2 marriage end in divorce? No way, says author Shaunti Feldhahn
Can a child read his Bible silently in "free reading time"? Attorney Jeremy Dys
CO Christian baker ordered to violate his conscience. Period. Attorney Matt Barber
Despite your background, God can heal you, including sexual brokenness---guest: author David Kyle Foster ("Love Hunger")
Ashleigh Slater, author of "Team Us, Marriage Together"
Dr. Stephen Meyer, author of "Darwin's Doubt," refutes theistic evolution
Dr. Michael Brown on the subject of people being "gay" and "Christian"
Tom Bogar, author of "Backstage at the Lincoln Assassination"
Dr. Paul Marshall, expert on persecution, on the Boko Haram kidnapping
Todd Starnes of Fox News Channel on his book, "God Less America"
Dr. Stephen Meyer (author of DARWIN'S DOUBT) comments on COSMOS (TV show)
Author Nabeel ("Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus") Quereshi
Former US Sen Jim DeMint, president of Heritage, on FALLING IN LOVE WITH AMERICA AGAIN
A medical doctor examines the crucifixion---Dr. Alan Whanger
Note: This interview is predicated on our earlier discussion on the Shroud of Turin, part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4
Ex-lesbian Anne Paulk talks about a nationwide ministry to homosexuals
Constitutional attorney Herb Titus addresses the HHS mandate
OLD GOLD: My classic discussion with Dr. Stephen Meyer about his book, DARWIN'S DOUBT, part 1, part 2, part 3

*Look for the DEFINITIVE book on the faith of George Washington. This book is accessible to all,

but has scholarly underpinnings. Don't miss George Washington's Sacred Fire by Dr. Peter Lillback

with Jerry Newcombe (on sale at Mount Vernon)---promoted by Glenn Beck


Below are pictures of my granddaughter Elizabeth, from Christmas 2013 through Easter 2014

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