• Lloyd Marcus is a black conservative. He grew up in the projects in Baltimore. His dad became the first firefighter in the city’s history. Today Lloyd is the founder and chairman of the Conservative Campaign Committee. He joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss the recent racist violence rocking America.  www.lloydmarcus.com

  • Holly Harris joins Jerry Newcombe to talk about the recent shootings in Louisiana, Minnesota, and Texas. She is the executive director for the U.S. Justice Action Network. She advocates for some common sense reforms in our criminal justice system. www.justiceactionnetwork.org

  • Eileen Koff is dedicated to getting God’s people to “get organized.” Furthermore, she encourages us to “Organize His Way.” She has even written a book with that title.  Eileen Koff joins Jerry Newcombe, as she discusses “keeping a Mary heart in a Martha world.” www.eileenkoffministries.com

  • Art Moore, a veteran journalist for WorldNetDaily comments on the Islamic violence in Nice, with Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point. People like Obama and Hillary are not willing to connect the obvious dots on the motivation of their interpretation of Islam that drives so many terrorists to do the evil they do. Art Moore is […]

  • Kelsey Harkness wrote an article for the Heritage Foundation’s The Daily Signal, where she serves as a senior news producer. The article shows the picture of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito and is entitled, “A Supreme Court Justice’s Dire Warning for Those Who Value Religious Freedom.” Kelsey joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss […]

  • Sometimes the proponents of the thesis that man-made global warming is causing catastrophic problems for the earth will justify their position in terms of trying to help the world’s poor. Noted theologian and former seminary professor, Dr. Cal Beisner, tells Jerry Newcombe the exact opposite is true. The climate alarmists are actually advocating for positions […]

  • Steven Williams used to be a public school teacher, as a Christian. He was very discouraged to see the anti-Christian bias at work—at least in his particular school. In fact, he even brought an ADF lawsuit to rectify the notion that if original historical sources mentioned God, then they should not have to be censored […]

  • Hillary Clinton and the FBI are the topic. “The Law is for Little People” was a headline circulating after Hillary escaped prosecution from the FBI over her alleged email scandal. Dr. Kengor wrote the powerful book, Takedown, on the link between Marxism and the breakdown of the family (by design). He also wrote God and […]

  • On Truths that Transform, learn what incredible, history-making decision George Washington made. He turned down the chance to become king. An amazing story, not well known.   http://truthsthattransform.s3.amazonaws.com/2016/TTT20160703.mp4

  • See Dr. Frank Wright interview Dr. Jerry Newcombe on America’s godly heritage on the nationally syndicated program of D. James Kennedy Ministries, Truths That Transform http://truthsthattransform.s3.amazonaws.com/2016/TTT20160703.mp4

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[Photo by Jerry Newcombe of William Penn (seen here on the right), who is mentioned in this article] I see regularly the slogan from the […]

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Vocal Point-Lloyd Marcus

Lloyd Marcus is a black conservative. He grew up in the projects in Baltimore. His dad became the first firefighter in the city’s history. Today […]

Vocal Point-Holly Harris

Vocal Point-Eileen Koff

Vocal Point-Art Moore

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