• Short answer: Of course. I had the privilege around July 4th, 2011 to speak at a church on this subject in the Tampa area. Here is video of that speech.  

  • …speaking on the subject of Bible-meditation http://mediapoint.org.au/podcasts/0001107353.mp3  

  • The photo is of Dr. Peter Lillback and Jerry Newcombe at George Washington’s home, Mt. Vernon. Lillback and Newcombe wrote what became a bestseller, George Washington’s Sacred Fire. George Washington had the opportunity to become king—but instead, he chose to be a great servant-leader. Here is more on that in Truths that Transform, produced by D. […]

  • Is Martin Luther King, Jr.’s dream turning into a nightmare? America has a deep, racial divide. Despite having elected a black man to the highest office of the land, the divide gets worse. Some argue that Obama adds to the divide. We’ve all been shocked by recent events in Dallas, Minnesota, and Baton Rouge, and […]

  • Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has named Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his VP. Pence is notable among social conservatives. In 2008, as a Congressman from Indiana, he was a recipient of the “Christian Statesman of the Year” award from the D. James Kennedy Center for Christian Statesmanship in DC. I had the privilege of […]

  • Lloyd Marcus is a black conservative. He grew up in the projects in Baltimore. His dad became the first firefighter in the city’s history. Today Lloyd is the founder and chairman of the Conservative Campaign Committee. He joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss the recent racist violence rocking America.  www.lloydmarcus.com

  • Holly Harris joins Jerry Newcombe to talk about the recent shootings in Louisiana, Minnesota, and Texas. She is the executive director for the U.S. Justice Action Network. She advocates for some common sense reforms in our criminal justice system. www.justiceactionnetwork.org

  • Eileen Koff is dedicated to getting God’s people to “get organized.” Furthermore, she encourages us to “Organize His Way.” She has even written a book with that title.  Eileen Koff joins Jerry Newcombe, as she discusses “keeping a Mary heart in a Martha world.” www.eileenkoffministries.com

  • Art Moore, a veteran journalist for WorldNetDaily comments on the Islamic violence in Nice, with Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point. People like Obama and Hillary are not willing to connect the obvious dots on the motivation of their interpretation of Islam that drives so many terrorists to do the evil they do. Art Moore is […]

  • Kelsey Harkness wrote an article for the Heritage Foundation’s The Daily Signal, where she serves as a senior news producer. The article shows the picture of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito and is entitled, “A Supreme Court Justice’s Dire Warning for Those Who Value Religious Freedom.” Kelsey joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss […]

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Jesus is the Answer for America’s Racial Divide

Is Martin Luther King, Jr.’s dream turning into a nightmare? America has a deep, racial divide. Despite having elected a black man to the highest […]

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…speaking on the subject of Bible-meditation http://mediapoint.org.au/podcasts/0001107353.mp3  

Vocal Point-Lloyd Marcus

Vocal Point-Holly Harris

Vocal Point-Eileen Koff

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    Mary Drabik, South Florida Bible College: “FYI, wanted to thank you for helping to promote the seminar with Masood – We had a Muslim man attend and he is very open to receiving Jesus…He heard about it on your radio show.”
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