Columns 2011

Col 2011


Handel’s Messiah is a Christmas favorite…here’s some interesting background on the birth of a classic

Black Friday seems to get crazy each year

Providence and the Pilgrims—we have cause for Thanksgiving

Since when is marriage a joke?

Why do so many Americans hate America?

Look at what they left off the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial

Did Jesus believe in socialism? Lawrence O’Donnell vs. Rush Limbaugh

Why hate crime laws are so dangerous—as seen in an example in England

What did they leave out of the 9/11 Memorials?

Reflections on death after my mother died

Must all our opinions be politically correct?

My comments on the London riots of 2011

A leading military hospital was set to disallow Bibles, until a Christian ministry sounded the alarm.

Pray for the persecuted church

The Norwegian murderer was not a “Christian” as reported, but a neo-pagan

A secret way to fight against abortion

Discriminations against God at a Houston veterans cemetery

Don’t know much about history—education woes

Is the New Testament forged?

It’s time to give the Gnostics a rest

The Philadelphia House of Horrors—abortion clinic—was it typical or atypical?

South Dakota makes great strives to protect women through informed consent on abortion.

Ronald Reagan at 100

Enough, Enough, Enough!—the story of Adam of Baghdad