Columns 2013

Are we winning or losing? A look at the world’s most successful enterprise ever

Are Children a Blessing or a Curse?

So much for the right of conscience

A legendary Harvard Law Professor demonstrates the reliability of the Gospels

Here’s the history of the American Thanksgiving holiday

Commentary on new Atheist Churches

Does the pro-life movement have a prayer?

Establishing the “non-Jesus Religion”?

A “secular Ten Commandments“?

Obamacare and Animal Farm

“What’s In Your Wallet?” A reminder that we are still one nation under God

What is the most overused and misused word of our time?

Pride—the Sin Behind Many a Headline

Stephen Meyer wrote “Darwin’s Doubt

Charity is a Judeo-Christian invention

Why was the 20th century so miserable—how can the 21st be a “happier” century?

Happy 237th birthday to America

A baby shows forth God’s incredible design

The Bible is vindicated again—the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil

A $9 million wedding? Hope they prepared well for the marriage too

Oh the Profanity—there’s way too much cursing in our day

I’m the honorary president of the fictitious group called NAPS

The Separation of church and state is not the same thing as the separation of God and state

Memorial Day 2013 meditation

The Separation of church and state is not the same thing as the separation of God and state

Oh no—not again. How do we deal with prominent Christians who fall away?

Does America have a prayer?

Why do they downplay the motive of the Boston Marathon bombers?

In the wake of the tragic Boston Marathon bombing, we ask: Who really fosters “hate“?

Pray for the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing and for swift justice

In the wake of the tragedy concerning Rick Warren’s son, some critics accused Rick of “selling false hope” in telling people about heaven. Is Heaven just a “false hope“?

Jesus fulfilled amazing prophecies foretold long before He was born

Go to church, live longer

Does believing in Hell make you “evil”?

The Unstompable Jesus Christ

A pope named after Francis of Assisi? Well, it’s about time

Were Adam and Eve real people or just allegory?

Don’t ever let anyone question whether Jesus really existed

Ronald Reagan has the answers for conservatives in the wilderness

Is Scripture-Quoting a Sign that You’re Nuts?

Valentine’s Day 2013

We seem to be sprinting toward Gomorrah

Envy rears its ugly head again.

Former Fetuses, Unite! 40 years of Roe v. Wade

Now they’re planning to do same sex weddings at the National Cathedral

ObamaCare was passed on the presmise that it would NOT include abortion funding…so why is Hobby

Lobby being fined $1.3 million a day for not being willing to support abortion?


New Year’s Resolution on weight loss—this time we’ll make it