There’s a big difference between the French Revolution and the American one (if we can call it a revolution). This program clarifies that difference, among other things. D. James Kennedy Ministries writes, “On this Memorial Day weekend, we stop to remember those who fought and died to preserve our cherished freedoms in America. It is because of their sacrifice that protecting our Constitution is so vital, especially in a time when it’s under fire more than ever before.

“On today’s program, we’ll share with you how our religious freedom is the cornerstone of our nation, and you’ll see how it’s being chipped away despite the blood poured out by so many to defend it.”

This segment begins about 14 minutes in. It deals with Memorial Day and our Christian heritage—including the assault on a memorial cross to honor the war dead of World War I. Now a court has ruled: Tear down that cross! It also includes a contrast between the French Revolution and the American War for Independence. (This comes during a comment from Dr. Richard Land.)

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