An Evangelical Response to Skeptic, Bart Ehrman

[Pictured: Dr. Bart Ehrman] One of the leading skeptics of our day is Dr. Bart Ehrman, a former professed evangelical now turned agnostic. He writes best-selling books against the reliability of the Gospels and of the New Testament. Unfortunately, this professor of religion at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, has a wide audience. He is quoted in virtually all the atheist books, e.g., The God Delusion, etc. He is a frequent guest on TV specials on Jesus and early Christianity. But he is wrong. How so? In this edition of Truths that Transform, hosted by Dr. Frank Wright, there is a portion of a sermon by Dr. D. James Kennedy, “How I Know Jesus is God.” Starting about 15 minutes in, there’s a segment produced by Dr. Jerry Newcombe dealing with Bart Ehrman and an evangelical rebuttal to the misinformation he spreads. As has been said, “The good news is: The bad news is wrong.” This feature includes Dinesh D’Souza, Dr. Paul Maier, Dr. Timothy Paul Jones, Dr. Peter Lillback, Dr. Steve Mathewson, and Dr. Mike Licona, who has debated Ehrman, officially, on more than one occasion.

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