Exposing Cultural Marxism

[Photo: Dr. Jerry Newcombe and Dr. George Grant]

D. James Ministry writes:

“Recent, unsettling events in the United States have many of us on edge. It seems that America is more divided now than at any time since the Vietnam War. Every single aspect of life is now political and factious. Whether it’s a series of damaging hurricanes or a tragic mass shooting, people seem to waste no time in scoring all the political points they can in favor of their agenda.

“But this is not by accident. Indeed, the politicization of every part of life and the dividing of America is itself part of a leftist political agenda. On this program, we’ll look at that agenda.”


Starting at about 15 minutes into this program, you can see a segment hosted by Dr. Jerry Newcombe on cultural Marxism. This includes comments by Dr. Peter Lillback, Dr. George Grant, and former Marxist David Horowitz.


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