Jesus Miraculously Fulfilled Prophecies

I once asked my Sunday school class, about 60 adults or so, to write down on a piece of paper a prediction…a prophecy…to be fulfilled by January 1 of the next year. After New Years Day came, I asked the class how many prophecies had been fulfilled, even remotely. There was not one prophecy fulfilled—no, not one—including my own prediction. (I was way off.) And yet, hundreds of years before Jesus was born, the Hebrew prophets foretold His coming—His lineage, His birth, His ministry, His passion, His death by crucifixion, His rising from the dead. So many details surrounding Him were foretold that it makes the Bible (which is 66 books, not just one book) a supernaturally produced book. Here’s a television program put out by D. James Kennedy Ministries that focuses on this. First, Dr. Frank Wright speaks with Dr. Sam Lamerson, president of Knox Seminary, on the subject. Then comes a message by Dr. D. James Kennedy called “The Prophecied Christ.” After that comes a segment produced by me (Jerry Newcombe), featuring Dr. Norm Wise and Dr. Paul Maier on amazing prophecies fulfilled by Jesus (in His first coming).

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