Judge Gorsuch Is a Great Pick

In only a few weeks, Judge Neil Gorsuch has gone from the federal appellate bench in Colorado, to one of the leading contenders to be President Donald Trump's nominee for the US Supreme Court.

President Trump has hit a home run in his nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch, who is described as fiercely committed to upholding the Constitution. Much of the opposition to Judge Gorsuch will come from those in favor of abortion rights. But as I have recently written in one of my columns—130 of which have now been compiled in my new book, The Unstoppable Jesus Christ: How Your Faith Can Triumph in a World Gone Mad:

Have you ever wondered where in the Constitution is the “right to abortion”? What about the “right to privacy” we always hear about? Where are these found in our governing document?

The answer is that they are not there. The Supreme Court, citing “emanations of penumbras” in the document, claim that the 9th Amendment on enumerated rights and the 14th Amendment on equal protection of laws cover a right to abortion, a right to privacy, and all sorts of other supposed rights. But they appear nowhere in the document. Only in the fanciful minds of a few liberal judges.

So where exactly is the provision in the Constitution that gives them the right to kill the unborn? It is not there. This is a prime example of judicial activism, where judges legislate from the bench, rather than adjudicate.

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