Judicial Activism Defined

Wendy Wright does a great job on TV explaining what is going on in Washington, D.C. She is the president of Christian Freedom International. Judicial activism is a problem where judges legislate from the bench—as opposed to adjudicate.

D. James Kennedy writes: “Later this week we will celebrate America’s birthday. We have much to celebrate as Americans—above all, freedom under God. But today, there are many who undermine our God-given rights which are spelled out in the Declaration and protected in the Constitution. We see these freedoms eroded by courts that rewrite the Constitution to say what they want it to. In effect, this practice of judicial activism can turn the Constitution on its head, as each year around this time we wait for the Supreme Court to issue its dictates. On this program, we examine judicial activism, and talk with a Washington insider about the future of the Court.” That “Washington insider” is Wendy Wright, and Jerry Newcombe’s interview with her comes on around 16:00 from the beginning.



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