Key Harvard Law Professor Found the Gospels Reliable

There are 2 men who put Harvard Law School on the map. They both lived in the first half of the 19th century. One of them was Simon Greenleaf of Puritan stock. Prior to teaching at Harvard, he was the president of the Massachusetts Bible Society. Greenleaf wrote THE definitive book on the law of evidence. It was used for decades in American jurisprudence. He also wrote a book called THE TESTIMONY OF THE EVANGELISTS. (Evangelists, as in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John). In this Sunday school class at on advanced apologetics, Dr. Jerry Newcombe discusses this book by Greenleaf and most importantly, the reliability of the four canonical Gospels. The video is courtesy of Tim Savage. Jerry’s class is called Christ and Civilization.

Note: this picture was taken by Jerry Newcombe at Harvard. The original motto of Harvard (founded in 1636 by Puritans) was truth for Christ and the Church (in Latin).

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