A Look at Handel’s Messiah

Pictured: George Friederich Handel.

D. James Kennedy Ministries writes: “Jesus Christ, whose birth we celebrate this week, is not only the Son of God in flesh, but also the greatest man who ever lived. No one has had a greater impact on this world. In one realm of human existence after another, the impact of Jesus and His followers through time has been phenomenal. Even this very day, there are literally tens of millions of people who are being fed in the name of Jesus—poor people who could otherwise starve. God coming into our world through the baby born in Bethlehem is still the greatest story ever told. Later in this program, you’ll discover how Christ inspired one of the greatest works of art the world has ever known. And you’ll have an opportunity to join us in seeing Christ transform Washington D.C.”

About 15 minutes in, comes a feature on Handel’s “Messiah,” featuring Diane Bish and music minister John Moore and produced by Jerry Newcombe. Charles Jennens is the great unsung hero in the story about Handel’s “Messiah.” “Messiah” is absolutely terrific, and Handel did such a great job with it.


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