The Need for a Bold Pulpit

In reference tot he April 30, 2017 version of Truths that Transform, D. James Kennedy Ministries writes:

“God’s Word speaks to every area of life. But in modern times, there are those who attempt to silence the Bible—and those who preach it—when it comes to issues of government and politics.

“On this program, you’ll discover how pastors have been silenced by law in order for some to gain a political advantage—and we’ll tell you what you can do to overturn it. And Dr. D. James Kennedy explains how Christian silence on political issues has resulted in the growth of a new religion—secular humanism.

“And we interview Dr. Tony Evans,  one of the bold, fearless pastors in the American church today, on the duty of pastors to teach their people the whole counsel of God—including on issues that have been deemed ‘political.’”

About halfway into this program is a segment produced by Jerry Newcombe on the need for a bold pulpit.

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