No Religious Test—Says the Constitution—But Not the Liberal Politicians

D. James Kennedy Ministries writes:

“America was largely settled and founded by Christians who adhered to a Christian worldview. But in the 20th century, an activist Supreme Court, along with organizations like the ACLU, began the process of systematically secularizing America. On today’s program, we’ll uncover how the Constitution is being violated by these anti-Christian senators. You’ll see the unvarnished—and unprecedented—assault on Christians and Christian doctrine from members of the highest legislative body in America. And we’ll give you an opportunity to make a tangible difference in stopping it.”

One aspect of this is that the Constitution says there should be no religious test for those serving in the federal government. But liberal politicians are raking over the goals Christians who want to serve the in government because the Christians have politically incorrect views on morality. Thus, these senators are in effect imposing a religious test.

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