On the Faith of George Washington

D. James Kennedy Ministries writes “The Bible teaches that government is instituted by God, and is necessary for keeping the peace. But America’s founders also recognized the biblical principle of man’s sinfulness. As a result, they placed checks on governmental power.

“But those checks are being done away with at an alarming rate as the government grows ever-larger. On today’s program, you’ll discover the Founders’ intent for American government, and the danger of letting government take the place of God.”

Beginning about 15 minutes in, we see a segment produced by Jerry Newcombe on the subject of George Washington and his faith. This feature includes comments from Dr. Peter Lillback (co-author of “George Washington’s Sacred Fire”), American University professor Dr. Daniel Dreisbach, author/historian Jane Hampton Cook, author/historian Rod Gragg, author/speaker Bill Federer.


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