• Recently a group of abortion advocates, as part of the National Network of Abortion Funds, set out to solicit people to speak out on behalf of abortion through their personal stories. They call it: “We Testify—Storytellers Rise Up for Roe.” That got me thinking about how there are many women who could testify to the […]

  • How is it that a terrible idea—Marxism—which is really the scourge of humanity keeps rearing its ugly head everywhere? The Bible says, Thou shalt not steal. Thou shalt not covet. Marxism says, Oh yes, you can. Here is an edition of Truths that Transform, produced by D. James Kennedy Ministries, on socialism. At about halfway […]

  • How important is the father to the spiritual development of his children? Exceedingly important, says family counselor, Dr. Robert Otto, who even wrote a book about the topic, called “Rise Up!” Otto notes: “Men – God created you to lead your family. That can be a heavy burden to carry. It is also very intimidating […]

  • George Washington, our first president (under the Constitution), declared a day of national Thanksgiving on October 3, 1789. This was at the request of the Congress, giving thanks to God that we as a free people were able to create our own government and install such a leader as Washington. Dr. Peter Lillback, founder/president of […]

  • Apparently, the bestselling book in America at this time is “Fire and Fury” by Michael Wolff, which noted economist of Heritage and FreedomWorks, Steven Moore, calls an “anti-Trump screed.” In an opinion piece in the Washington Times, Moore notes, “The talking heads are now out in full force once again thrashing President Trump as a moron, and […]

  • Bill Federer is a best-selling author and speaker. He is a recurring guest on Vocal Point. Today he joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss the immigration reform issue. The Democrats say, Pass the Dreamer Act (DACA), and then we’ll discuss strengthening the border. President Trump says, Build the border, and then we’ll discuss a path to […]

  • [Photo of Phil Robertson courtesy CRTV] I saw an ad recently for the new television program of Phil Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” fame. It airs on CRTV (the same network Mark Levin and Michele Malkin appear on). It’s called “in the Woods with Phil,” and he’s “declaring open season on political correctness.” I did an interview […]

  • Here’s a message from Dr. Jerry Newcombe at newpres.org as to why we believe the Bible is the Word of God. This was the Sunday school lesson for the Christ and Civilization class on 1/7/18. The video is courtesy of Tim Savage.  

  • Dr. Peter Lillback and Jerry Newcombe joined forces in 2006 to write a gigantic book on the Christian faith of George Washington. This book became a bestseller in 2010 when Glenn Beck told his massive radio and TV audience that every American has to get this book. Dr. Lillback and Dr. Newcombe have a series […]

  • Lifenews.com had a shocking report recently on shocking statements made by Margaret Sanger. The founder of Planned Parenthood, Sanger made statements like: “But for my view, I believe that there should be no more babies” or “The most merciful thing that the large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it” […]

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Roe v. Roe: Women Hurt by Abortion Speak Out Against It

Recently a group of abortion advocates, as part of the National Network of Abortion Funds, set out to solicit people to speak out on behalf […]

Communism and Millennials

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Vocal Point-Dr. Robert Otto

How important is the father to the spiritual development of his children? Exceedingly important, says family counselor, Dr. Robert Otto, who even wrote a book […]

Vocal Point-Dr. Peter Lillback

Vocal Point-Steve Moore

Vocal Point-Bill Federer

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California and wildfires is the topic. Is it possible that some of the supposedly pro-environmental statures taken by the Golden State contribute to the ongoing problem of California’s fires? It’s a tragedy any way you look at the fires. Jarrett Stepman, a writer for dailysignal.com (of the Heritage Foundation), wrote a piece about environmentalism and these fires, entitled: “Environmentalist Policies Are Exacerbating Wildfires. It’s Time to Rethink Forest Management.” Jarrett […]

Bestselling author Bill Federer has had one of his books (America’s God and Country) cited by the US Supreme Court. Bill Federer speaks all over the country and has his own television program on Christian TV. Bill Federer joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point on the outset of the new year to discuss the first year of Donald Trump’s presidency and how the new president is faring. Note: the word […]

In mid-December, a science editor for BuzzFeedUK, Kelly Oakes, tweeted, “All I want for Christmas is full communism now.” Once this tweet was noticed, she withdrew it and issued an apology. A month earlier, another BuzzFeedUK staffer, Blake Montgomery, had responded to a tweet from President Trump. The president had declared November 7, 2017 as “National Day for the Victims of Communism.” Montgomery then tweeted, that “victims of Communism” was […]

Here is a Sunday school lecture by Dr. Jerry Newcombe at newpres.org on the subject of PROPHECIES JESUS FULFILLED. This video is courtesy of Tim Savage. Only God knows the future. Only God could have inspired the Bible. Only God could have foretold many detailed descriptions about the One to come—that were fulfilled in the coming of Jesus Christ. Pictured here is the crucifixion. It is foretold in Psalm 22—written […]

Pictured: George Friederich Handel. D. James Kennedy Ministries writes: “Jesus Christ, whose birth we celebrate this week, is not only the Son of God in flesh, but also the greatest man who ever lived. No one has had a greater impact on this world. In one realm of human existence after another, the impact of Jesus and His followers through time has been phenomenal. Even this very day, there are literally […]

D. James Kennedy Ministries notes: “On the eve of a brand new year, it’s time to look at what 2018 will have in store for us. This ministry has gone to bat for religious liberty in 2017, filing suit in federal court against the Southern Poverty Law Center for the false and defamatory characterization of our biblical stance on marriage and sexuality as ‘hate.’” They add, “This coming year, we […]

Since the days of Plato, a few hundred years before Christ, there has been a debate between which is more powerful—culture or politics? Conservative commentator, and president of American Principles Project Foundation recently wrote an article in The Hill: “Social Conservatives Won’t Change Culture Without Politics.” In that article, Cannon notes, “There’s a popular idea circulating among social conservatives: ‘Politics is downstream of culture.’….And nothing could be further from the […]

Barely a week goes by, lately, without some new allegation of a sexual scandal. “How the mighty have fallen.” Hollywood directors, producers, stars, media heavy weights, politicians, etc. have been forced to resign because of sex scandals. Dr. Mark Laaser knows first-hand about sex scandals. He was a prominent church leader, who was forced to resign (decades ago) because of a sex scandal. Out of the ashes of his own […]

One of the leading experts in our time on the subject of radical Islam and the threat thereof is Robert Spencer, a New York Times bestselling author on a multitude of books on this subject. His most recent book is Confessions of an Islamophobe. He points out that these days to the Left, Islamophobia is more of a problem than is Jihad terror. But Spencer writes, “The jihad threat is […]

With the onset of a new year, it’s a good time to think about growing closer to Christ. One of the ways to do that is to join a vibrant small group within church. Allen White has been involved in several churches in America. He even teaches workshops on small groups. He has now written a book called Exponential Groups: Unleashing Your Church’s Potential. White observes, “Traditional methods of discipleship […]

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