• My Irish-American blood recoils whenever I hear the word “Fredericksburg.” So many young Irishmen were sent to a needless early death because of the slaughter that occurred in that Virginia city 53 miles south of Washington, D. C., during the American Civil War in December 1862. The forces of Robert E. Lee grabbed the high […]

  • Topic: Abortion, Gosnell movie In 2013, an independent film producer from Ireland was in Pennsylvania because of a documentary he and his wife were making related to fracking. He had a little time to kill, and he noticed in the newspaper that there was a trial going on of an abortion doctor, Kermit Gosnell. The […]

  • Topic: Trump and the Economy “Trump’s Federal Pay Freeze Will Mean a Raise for the Rest of Us,” so writes economist John Tamny in an article in RealClearMarkets.com. Tamny observes, “That the federal government costs $4 trillion per year means that Americans (and realistically, people around the world…think about it) in the private sector earn […]

  • Topic: Forced Equality Jarrett Stepman, opinion journalist for the Heritage Foundation, recently wrote an article at dailysignal.com, entitled, “Norway’s Boardroom Gender Quota Didn’t Work. California May Try It Anyway.” Jarrett Stepman is also the co-host of “The Right Side of History” podcast. Stepman notes: “From making war on straws to policing speech, California leads the […]

  • Topic: The Origins Debate Books can change your mind, if you read them with an open mind. Bruce Chapman, the Chairman of the Board of the Discovery Institute in Seattle, notes that there are examples of this in the realm of the issue of origins (evolution vs. intelligent design).  Discovery Institutes writes: “A prominent Catholic […]

  • Topic: Sexual Assault “It’s Time for a National Conversation on Sexual Assault” is the title of a recent article by federal prosecutor Sidney Powell. She is also the author of the best-selling book, Licensed to Lie: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice. Commenting on the recent hearings in the Senate of Christine Blasey Ford […]

  • Topic: Religious Freedom In a retirement community in Fredericksburg, Virginia, there is a religious freedom case brewing. A resident in his mid-80s and his wife are facing the possibility of eviction from their senior living community. Why? Because they want to have a Bible study there, and the powers that be don’t want to allow […]

  • [Photo by Jerry Newcombe of Churchill (U.S. Capitol), who is quoted in this piece] The recent Kavanaugh kerfuffle underscores an important lesson for all of us: Your integrity is your most important asset. Period. What else does anyone have, ultimately? Meanwhile, there are trolls amongst us who don’t care about truth and other people’s reputations. […]

  • D. James Kennedy Ministries writes: “What happens when people can no longer trust their own government to protect and defend them? We’re seeing the results all around us. There is a crisis of integrity in agencies that wield enormous power over all of us. On today’s program, we’ll take a deeper look at the crisis in […]

  • TOPIC: Man-made climate change alarmism Gregory Wrightstone is a scientist in the field of geology with more than “35 years of experience researching and studying various aspects of the earth’s processes.” He is troubled by the claims of what have been called the man-made climate change alarmists. Wrightstone wrote a book filled with facts and […]

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A New Battle in Fredericksburg

My Irish-American blood recoils whenever I hear the word “Fredericksburg.” So many young Irishmen were sent to a needless early death because of the slaughter […]

Integrity: What Else Do You Have?

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Vocal Point-Phelim McAleer

Topic: Abortion, Gosnell movie In 2013, an independent film producer from Ireland was in Pennsylvania because of a documentary he and his wife were making […]

Vocal Point-John Tamny

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TOPIC: Attacks on Kavanaugh’s character Some view the attempt to assassinate the character of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, nominee to the Supreme Court, as a low point in our country. Ironically, Matt Damon portrayed Kavanaugh on SNL in satire, and yet just a year ago, the liberal actor said how he would fight tooth and nail against any false sexual accusation: “It would be scorched earth!…You’re not taking my name and […]

TOPIC: Media bias and the mid-terms Bishop E. W. Jackson is a lawyer and former political candidate. He is very concerned about the coming mid-term elections, in light of the media’s left-ward bias. He notes: “When the media is so biased, it is difficult for voters to get accurate information about any conservative candidate or issue from the mainstream news. We need a way to push back against fake news […]

TOPIC: Trump’s economy Steve Moore, the noted economist, wrote recently in the Washington Times: “Mr. Trump’s tax cut is only 9 months old, so it is too early to say it is paying for itself. But already well over half the projected cost has evaporated because of higher growth. If we stay on this 3 percent to 4 percent path for another couple of years, the flood of added revenues […]

September 27, 2018 was a low point in our country. In the morning Dr. Christine Blasey Ford testified that, when she was in high school in the early 1980s, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh attempted to rape her, and that he and his drunk friend were joking about it. All of this Judge Kavanaugh vehemently denies, and there has been no corroboration for her story. Now an FBI investigation has […]

D. James Kennedy Ministries writes: “We are facing a crisis in our culture. It’s a crisis in confidence, as the institutions we expect to enforce justice and uphold the law seem to have instead become instruments of ideological warfare. Powerful entities like the Justice Department, FBI, and IRS have seemingly gone rogue, as bureaucrats and operatives within grind political axes through government force. “On today’s program we will look at […]

Listen to Kerby Anderson of POINT OF VIEW interview Jerry Newcombe.   https://vimeo.com/280815405

I was a guest on Abraham Hamilton III’s radio show on AFA radio, with guest host, Dr. Alex McFarland.   https://afr.net/podcasts/the-hamilton-corner/2018/april/guest-host-dr-alex-mcfarland-speaks-with-dr-tony-beam-tina-marie-griffin-and-jerry-newcombe/

Columnist and attorney Christine Flowers decries the abuse of the #MeToo movement. She describes it as “The Trojan Horse to Destroy Conservatism.” She also refers to “the assault on conservatism under the guise of protecting women from abuse.” The controversy of Judge Brett Kavanaugh vs. Dr. Christine Blasey Ford is currently in the news. She notes, “When the target is a liberal, like Bill Clinton or Keith Ellison, women are […]

How important are grandparents to society? Very, says Dr. Ken Canfield, a best-selling author and speaker. He has been described as: “a nationally-known leader and scholar, has committed his life to strengthening families and fathers. He has founded and continues to engage in several organizations dedicated to improving family well-being, most notably the National Center for Fathering, where he served as President for 16 years. He is currently president of […]

The Bible continues to be the world’s best-seller. There is a fascinating story as to how it came to be and also as to how it came to be in English. Historian and award-winning author, Rod Gragg, has released his latest book, and it’s on the history of the Scriptures: The Word: The History of The Bible and How it Came to Us. Gragg notes, “Over the course of thousands […]

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