James Kennedy Ministries addresses the Problem of Socialism. How is it that millions of Americans, especially the young, have bought into the concept of socialism? Does the Bible teach socialism? This new half-hour special, hosted by Dr. Frank Wright, addresses these and more.


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  1. This video is sound teaching, and it is well-done. Thank you for making it available to the public online.
    If you truly want to reach out to the Bernie crowd, please consider a few revisions in your presentation:
    ~The strongest element of this video is Jay Richards’ informative testimony. Perhaps you should include some of his statements in the opening scenes.
    ~ More input from Harry Jackson and others of his community would be persuasive in assuring folks that your teaching is not just the doctrine of old white folks
    ~ Your inclusion of the Acts scriptures is very good. I was waiting to see how you would deal with these biblical events. But it was too brief, and thus dismissive. Your explanation of Peter’s admonition to Ananias is not sufficient to convince anyone whose emphasis is on generosity.
    ~ You should lose some of the neckties.
    Keep up the good work.
    From Carey in North Carolina

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    Denise Kennedy Woods, listener: “Thank you for exposing the bully bill AB775 and for supporting the hard selfless work of Prolife Pregnancy Clinics and Pregnancy Resource Centers. Please pray that this bill will be defeated and please support your local prolife work through volunteerism and financial support! They need you!!!”
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