Religious Liberty as a Campaign Issue in the Midterms

D. James Kennedy Ministries writes, “We are just a little more than a week from Election Day. And as we go to the polls, religious freedom teeters on a precipice. For decades now, the Left’s agenda of unfettered sexual license has been on a collision course with the biblical truths this nation was founded upon, and religious liberty has been losing. The Left has increasingly used the heavy hand of government to silence dissent and to enforce conformity to their skewed worldview. In this program, you will discover how the United States is heading down a dangerous road of religious persecution. And we’ll share one of the most important resources we’ve ever developed to help you bring biblical truth to bear on our culture.”

Included in this program on Christian Citizenship is a segment produced by Jerry Newcombe (beginning about 16 minutes in) that deals with how important to the midterm elections is the issue of religious freedom. Guests include Michael Medved, Tony Evans, and the Colorado Christian baker who got in trouble for refusing to bake a cake to celebrate a same-sex wedding. This would have violated his conscience.

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