See Wendy Wright on Truths That Transform

See Wendy Wright in a recent interview. D. James Kennedy Ministries writes, “Our government has turned into an ever-growing Leviathan, involved in every aspect of our lives. That’s troubling enough, but it becomes even more troubling when those pulling the levers of power are not constrained by morality and integrity. In recent years we have seen the IRS target Christian and conservative groups, and the FBI allegedly spying on an American presidential candidate. Government power is being weaponized in the service of partisan agendas. On today’s program, you’ll discover what’s happening in Washington, and you’ll see how it differs from the design of our Founding Fathers.”

In one of the early segments of the program, you can see an interview with Wendy Wright, as she talks with Jerry Newcombe about government corruption.


The interview with Wendy is also here:


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