Thanks to Mike at the Mic (on GraceNetRadio.com), I have the audio of my 
opening prayer at the main Ft. Lauderdale Memorial Day service (5/26/14)

I teach Sunday School virtually every week (9:30 AM) and on occasion fill the pulpit (11:00 AM) at
the New Presbyterian Church in Pompano Beach. Please visit us sometime, if in South Florida. On occasion, I fill in the pulpit at New Presbyterian, morning (not so often) or evening (more often) services.

I was a guest on the Greg Young radio show, 10/21/13

Here’s a sermon on how Jesus gives Rest For Your Souls (7/13/14)

Father’s Day sermon on how Jesus shows us God: Show Us the Father (6/15/14)

Memorial Day sermon: A Day to Remember (5/25/14)

Around Columbus Day, I preached “The Christ-Bearer”

Here’s my new sermon on Battle Fatigue

It is for freedom that Jesus has set us free. Here’s my sermon on Freedom in Christ.

Here’s my sermon on courage

My recent sermon on CHRIST THE KING

Does America have amnesia? Here’s my Memorial Day 2012 message on the subject.

Jim Davis formerly of the Sun-sentinel wrote up a Faith and Values profile on me

 Is America one nation under God? Atheists say no. I say yes. See me in a lively discussion on this issue.