On the Subject of Sexual Scandals

D. James Kennedy Ministries writes:

The Biblical View of Sex

“Rejecting God’s design has consequences. In our nation, we are experiencing the backlash of the sexual revolution which has clearly been a rebellion against our Creator—with awful results.

“Dr. D. James Kennedy used to say, we don’t so much break God’s commandments as we break ourselves when we disobey them. Our culture has recently been filled with sex scandals, with both predators and their victims in Hollywood, the media, and the capitol, suffering the consequences of our moral anarchy.

“On today’s program, we’ll take a look at the biblical design for sex. And we’ll take a closer look at the recent nationwide scandals. And we talk with a man who grew up with same-sex parents and struggled with same-sex attraction himself, has unique insights on this defining issue.”

At about 15 minutes into this program is a feature that Dr. Jerry Newcombe produced on a Christian response to the recent sex scandals.



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