The Cross in the Crosshairs


D. James Kennedy Ministries writes:

“The Christian faith is our greatest bulwark we have against the onslaught of the secular, socialistic designs of the statists on the far Left. And that’s why they are working overtime to extinguish religious liberty in this nation. On today’s program, you’ll meet some people on the front lines of this fight, including a football coach who lost his job for praying, and some people who have just taken a crucial case to the Supreme Court. We’ll also give you an opportunity to make your voice heard so that judges who truly respect the First Amendment right to religious freedom are confirmed to the federal bench.”

Included in this program is a story produced by Jerry Newcombe on the cross in the crosshairs—the war on the Bladensburg Memorial Cross in Maryland that some atheists are suing to tear down as an alleged “establishment of religion.” The cross was erected in 1925 by grieving mothers of Prince George’s County to honor the 49 fallen men of the area who died in World War I. When it was built, there were no problems. Expansion of the highway in the 1960s gave it much more visibility. It stood without complaint until about 5 years ago when some atheists complained how it offended them.

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