The Impact of Jesus on Civilization

D. James Kennedy Ministries writes:

“Secularists have proposed a novel theory over the past decade or two. It’s the notion that religion, particularly Christianity, is a contagion that infects and destroys society. But this demonstrates shocking historical and cultural ignorance.

“On this program, you will discover how Christianity is the single greatest force for good that the world has ever known. And we answer the question, ‘What if Jesus had never been born?'”

25 years ago (in 1994), D. James Kennedy and Jerry Newcombe released the Thomas Nelson book that became a bestseller: “What If Jesus Had Never Been Born?” It explores the positive impact of the Christian faith on civilization.  These days it is probably available (used) at Amazon for a penny—plus shipping and handling.

The late Chuck Colson said of the book: “In a day when many professing Christians appear blissfully unaware of their ‘cultural mandate,’ the authors remind us that the Church is to bear the glory of God in every sphere of life. This book is a compelling call to vigilance.”

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