The New Socialists in Light of Our National Debt

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How can we continue as a country to irresponsibly jack up the national debt? Isn’t it unsustainable even as it is? Yet, if the socialists had their way, they’d keep increasing our government spending to levels where one day it will all burst in a crisis.

Here is a program Jerry Newcombe help produced on “Christianity and the Federal Deficit.” D. James Kennedy Ministries writes about this television program:

“There is a new socialist wave in America. Surveys show that the millennial generation now prefers socialism to capitalism, and last month witnessed the swearing in of several members of the Democratic Socialists of America into the new United States Congress.

“On today’s program, you’ll see how the socialist agenda threatens the future for your children and grandchildren. We’ll sit down with a former  three-star general—a Delta force commander—who will uncover how this agenda threatens religious freedom.”

Scripture: Proverbs 13:22

View the program here:

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