The Providence Forum

Recently, D. James Kennedy Ministries announced the addition of the Providence Forum as a new part of our ministry. Providence Forum was founded about 20 years ago by Dr. Peter Lillback, and the purpose of the ministry is to educate us all on the strong Christian roots of America. George Washington, for example, said in his First Inaugural Address, that no people should be more grateful than the Americans for this country even being established in the first place. The hand of Providence (God) was so clear in helping us become a nation, said our first president.

See this video hosted Dr. Frank Wright, president and CEO of D. James Kennedy Ministries. Dr. Wright interviews Dr. Peter Lillback, the founder and president emeritus of the Providence Forum, and Dr. Jerry Newcombe, the new executive director of the Providence Forum. Note: Jerry Newcombe will continue his role as senior producer and as an on-air host for “Truths That Transform,” the flagship program of D. James Kennedy Ministries.

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