TV Segment on Protesting the National Anthem

See an update produced by Dr. Jerry Newcombe on Truths that Transforms (about 15 minutes in) on the Colin Kaepernick-inspired protest against our National Anthem. This protest, of course, has spread to many other NFL members.

About this week’s edition of Truths that Transform, D. James Kennedy Ministries writes, “Later this week, we will be celebrating Thanksgiving. Even in our very secularized era, America stops what it is doing for a day with the explicit intention of giving thanks for our blessings. Even so, we know that many, if not most, have forgotten what we’re giving thanks for, or to whom.”

“On today’s program, we’ll look at the important role of gratitude in the Christian life, and we’ll give thanks for the Christian roots of America, which have made this nation great. And we’re joined by historian William J. Federer to discuss America’s Christian foundations.”


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