D. James Kennedy Ministries Television presents another hard-hitting special. This one is on the battle over the Supreme Court, including information on Trump nominee to the High Court of Brett Kavanaugh.

D. James Kennedy Ministries writes, Unelected judges are essentially rewriting one of our founding documents, and completely upending the First Amendment. How is it that we have a virtual Constitutional Convention taking place in our judiciary? And what can we do about it? With an opening on the Supreme Court, and with President Trump having nominated a conservative nominee, it is crucially important that we understand this issue, and take action to get his nominee confirmed. On this special program, we will look at how judges have undermined our constitutional foundations, and we will give you an opportunity to make a real difference.”

This special is hosted by Dr. Frank Wright and includes reports filed by Jerry Newcombe and John Rabe. Guests include the late Robert Bork, Edwin Meese, Jim DeMint, Herb Titus, Carrie Severino, Tom Jipping, Wendy Wright, and others.


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