Update on David Daleiden

[Pictured -David Daleiden in the middle, with Tom Brejcha and Peter Breen of the Thomas More Society, which have been legally defending Daleiden] On Truths that Transform, produced by D. James Kennedy Ministries and hosted by Dr. Frank Wright, join us for an update on the courageous young man who created some video exposes that allege that Planned Parenthood traffics in baby body parts—for a profit.

First in this program, Frank Wright interviews Jerry Newcombe on the subject of judicial activism and specifically how important is it that we support a Supreme Court Justice that believes in the Constitution and in adjudicating (not legislating) from the bench. Then comes a short clip from the late Dr. D. James Kennedy on “America: A Christian Nation.” Then, at about 15 minutes in, comes a feature produced by Jerry Newcombe on David Daleiden of the Center for Medical Progress.



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