Vocal Point-Abigail Cochran

Topic: Abortion

The battle over abortion is one of the most important of our time. Abigail Cochran serves as Vice President of the Georgia Right-to-Life. She points out that, while we need to keep focusing on political remedies to abortion, another major strategy is to win the hearts and minds, especially of young people, on this issue. She is involved in pro-life activism on college campuses. She notes:

  • Most people are undecided and consider themselves in the middle
  • Key to winning hearts and minds of the grassroots
  • College Campuses are a fertile field for evangelism and provide opportunity to teach people to observe all of God’s commands.
  • Student’s Responses vary

Abigail says, “By winning over the people in the middle, we move the social consensus toward recognition of Personhood.” Abigail Cochran joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss the “challenges of pro-life activism in today’s environment.” www.grtl.org

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