Vocal Point-Adam Brandon

Topic: Voting-related Legislation in Congress—HR 1

Recently, the House of Representatives passed “HR 1” related to voting. They euphemistically called it the “For the People Act.” Adam Brandon, the president and CEO of FreedomWorks in D.C. says it should be called the “Incumbent Protection Act.” Brandon wrote an article for the Washington Examiner, stating, “H.R. 1 is not for the people…they only want free and fair elections so long as they get to decide what ‘free and fair’ really means. Under the guise of a more open electoral process, H.R. 1 rigs the game in favor of elected officials already in office and strives to censor the political speech of individuals and associations. Those who cherish the First Amendment should oppose this bill at every turn.” Adam Brandon joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss H.R. 1 www.freedomworks.org @adam_brandon

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