Vocal Point-Albert Erisman

Topic: Christian Principles of Business

A few notable businesses were built on Christian principles and to honor God in the process. One of them is Service Master. A new book has been written on the company, The ServiceMaster Story: Navigating Tension between People and Profit. The author is Albert Erisman, who has taught at Seattle Pacific University and at Gordon-Conwell Seminary. He is cofounder and exective editor of Ethix magazine. He also served as Director of Technology for the The Boeing Company for 32 years. The book notes: “Good business done to the glory of God has always been part of God’s plan….Leaning and growth take place through struggle. One must be careful not to help someone too much, and failure can be a means to growth.” Albert Erisman joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss Service Master and its founder, Marion Wade, and what we can learn from their historic example. www.ethix.org

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