Jerry Newcombe once met Kathy Griffin, who just last week made headlines by holding a mock severed bloody head of Donald Trump in a photo shoot. Griffin, along with Anderson Cooper, and Newcombe, and Tina Sinatra, were panelists on the same episode of Bill Maher’s ABC-TV show, “Politically Incorrect.” Who knows? Perhaps that 2002 program was the first time Cooper and Griffin had met. In any event, Angela Morabito, Senior Campaign Organizer for a petition to get Griffin fired from her CNN-gig (mission accomplished), joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss the over the top anti-Trump hysteria often coming from the left these days.

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    From WAFG program director Lesley Hurst: “Hi Jerry…you and Barb did a fantastic job on the air last night. Thank you so much, for your hard work and great representation for our station and our Christian values. You did a good job as well keeping it bi-partisan and sticking with issues more than people.”
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