Recently, President Obama has spoken out to condemn and to push for the banning of therapy to help teenagers who do not want to have same-sex attractions. In other words, once gay always gay. You’re born that way. Conversion so-called “therapy” only muddies the waters—according to Obama and the media and the elites that control so much of our culture. Anne Paulk, a former lesbian and president of Restored Hope Network (a consortium of ex-gay ministries), doesn’t agree. She joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss this issue and to provide real hope and change for those who want it.

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  1. Leo says:

    Her former husband, John Paulk, also used to say the exact same things that Anne is continuing to say. But he now claims that his sexual orientation never changed. Check out an article by John:

    JERRY RESPONDS: For those who want to find help if they struggle with homosexuality and want to change, they can seek it at

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    Bob Allen, radio producer: “mega, mega-kudos on the Osterman interview. That’s probably the best, most personal ex-gay testimony I’ve ever heard… the conversation was amazingly engaging. Tremendously well done.”
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