Anne PaulkAbout 25 years ago, Anne Paulk was on the cover of NEWSWEEK magazine, with her then-husband, John. They were on the cover as a former lesbian and former homosexual. At this point, John has returned to the lifestyle. But Anne has remained faithful to the Lord, and she prays John will return to Christ before he dies. Anne Paulk is the executive director of the Restored Hope Network, a consortium of a few dozen groups that help homosexuals and lesbians come out of that lifestyle through the gospel of Jesus Christ. Anne Paulk joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss the efforts by some states (Oregon, California, and New Jersey) to criminalize counselors from trying to help young people struggling with unwanted same-sex attractions.

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    Denise Kennedy Woods, listener: “Thank you for exposing the bully bill AB775 and for supporting the hard selfless work of Prolife Pregnancy Clinics and Pregnancy Resource Centers. Please pray that this bill will be defeated and please support your local prolife work through volunteerism and financial support! They need you!!!”
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