Vocal Point-Carrie Severino

Topic: Supreme Court Decision on Gay Issues

Judicial Activism has reared its ugly head again in a Supreme Court decision, 6-3, related to homosexual and trans rights. Judicial Crisis Network President Carrie Severino condemned the decision, calling it the “hijacking of textualism.” She stated, “Justice Scalia would be disappointed that his successor has bungled textualism so badly today, for the sake of appealing to college campuses and editorial boards… You can’t redefine the meaning of words themselves and still be doing textualism. This is an ominous sign for anyone concerned about the future of representative democracy.”  Carrie Severino, who once clerked for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss this recent decision (June 15, 2020). www.judicialnetwork.com

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