Vocal Point-Chantel Pagan

Topic: Spreading the Bible Message Worldwide

There’s a new move afoot to get the message of the Bible into the hands, ears, and eyes of the 100s of millions who still do not have it available to them. This push is called “IllumiNations” and is a partnership of ten Bible translation groups. Their website notes: “Translating the Bible for all. ONE BILLION PEOPLE LIVE IN BIBLE POVERTY. HELP PROVIDE ALL PEOPLE ACCESS TO GOD’S WORD BY 2033.” One of the Bible translation partners focuses on the millions of deaf people around the world, to give them access to the Bible’s message in a sign language they can understand. Chantal Pagan, CEO of Deaf Bible Society, joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss the lofty plan of IllumiNations, which is lead by Mark Green of Hobby Lobby fame and the Museum of the Bible. www.illuminations.bible

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