Vocal Point-David Gibbs III

Topic: COVID-19 and the Churches

Love thy neighbor as thyself includes within it the idea of doing no-known harm to your neighbor. During this shutdown caused by the COVID-19 virus, many churches across the land are grappling with the best way to serve their congregations during this difficult time. Many churches are recording Internet-based church services. Some pastors have defied the authorities and said, “We’re having church, period, regardless of what the authorities say.” David Gibbs III is the founder and president of the National Center for Life and Liberty. He has been fighting for religious liberties in the courts of America and in the courts of public opinion for a couple of decades now. On his website, David regularly puts out COVID-19 updates on what is permissible and what is not. David Gibbs III joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss what is legal, what is permissible, what is wise for churches during the virus crisis. www.ncll.org 

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