Vocal Point-Dion Elmore

Thursday, May 3, 2018 is the National Day of Prayer (NDP). The NDP website states: “In 1952, President Truman made the National Day of Prayer an annual observance, stating: ‘In times of national crisis when we are striving to strengthen the foundations of peace…we stand in special need of Divine support.’…. In April of 1970, President Richard Nixon had the nation observe a Day of Prayer for Apollo 13 astronauts. On May 5, 1988, President Reagan made the National Day of Prayer the first Thursday in May, saying: “Americans in every generation have turned to their Maker in prayer…We have acknowledged…our dependence on Almighty God.” Pastor Dion Elmore is the Vice President and Communications Director of the NDP. Dion Elmore joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss the National Day of Prayer. www.nationaldayofprayer.org

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