Vocal Point-Dr. Craig A. Evans

A leading New Testament scholar of today is Dr. Craig Evans, who teaches at Houston Theological Seminary. (Colleagues include Lee Strobel, Mike Licona, and Nancy Pearcey, among others at Houston Baptist University). Dr. Evans is the host and main driving force behind a new documentary that was shown in select theatres recently, entitle “Fragments of Truth.” It documents how incredibly reliable the New Testament documents are, despite what we hear from time to time from critics like Dr. Bart Ehrman or what was stated in “The DaVinci Code.” Faithlife.com produced the film and writes, “In his latest documentary, Professor Evans travels through Europe in search of the oldest fragments of Biblical manuscripts and papyri remaining on earth. Beginning in Dublin, through to Manchester, Oxford, and Cambridge in the UK, on to Geneva, and finally to the Vatican, Evans interviews leading textual critics,  papyrologists, and experts in the study of ancient manuscripts.” I saw the film, appreciated it immensely, and look forward to seeing it again a few times to try and master its key facts. Dr. Craig A. Evans joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss the reliability of the New Testament documents. www.craigaevans.com

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