Vocal Point-Dr. Don Chambers

Topic: How Socialism Cripples an Economy

“What will the year 2170 be like?” postulates retired college professor, Dr. Don Chambers, in a recent article in townhall.com. He writes, “No one in the year 1870 could have guessed how wonderful it would be in America 150 years later. Who could have predicted there would be cars, jets, electric lights, air conditioning, antibiotics, vaccinations…recorded sound, videos, TVs, cell phones, personal computers, and, most impressive of all, instant wireless communication through the internet?” Chambers then goes on to note that what 2170 will be like depends on what direction America goes. If we go down the socialist path that many millennials clamor for, we will surely sell ourselves and our posterity short.  Dr. Don Chambers, author of the book, Freedom First, joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss how socialism could ruin America, just like it’s ruined every place on earth where it has been tried. www.defiancepress.com

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