Vocal Point-Dr. Michael Brown

Recently in England a doctor was fired for “medical heresy” (in the words of Dr. Michael Brown). He dared call a transgender by the “wrong” pronoun. Christian author, educator, and radio host Dr. Michael Brown wrote about this case in his weekly column—“Doctor Fired for Affirming Basic Biology.” Dr. Brown notes: “What exactly was the crime of Dr. David Mackereth, who had worked for the the U.K.’s National Health Services for 26 years? He dared to affirm that sex is biologically determined….Israel’s prestigious Weizmann Institute reported last year that, ‘Researchers Identify 6,500 Genes That Are Expressed Differently in Men and Women.’” But in our brave new world, discussing such realities are so politically incorrect that you may lose your post. Dr. Michael Brown joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss this story as just the latest example of “gender madness.” www.askdrbrown.org

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