Vocal Point-Dr. Paul Kengor

Topic: Politics- Bernie Sanders part 3

Dr. Paul Kengor is a bestselling author on politics, including the Communist movement. He is a regular columnist and a professor of political science and history at Grove City College. After Super Tuesday, Dr. Kengor wrote an article in The American Spectator on the irony of Bernie Sanders’ disdain for billionaires—in that inadvertently the Sanders’ campaign was being helped greatly by Michael Bloomberg. Now that the former Mayor of NYC has dropped out of the race, Bernie Sanders doesn’t seem to be doing as well in the polls. Kengor writes, “When billionaire Mike Bloomberg joined the Democrat debate stage two weeks ago in Nevada, a brooding Bernie Sanders looked ready to pounce on him screaming, ‘Capitalist reptile!’ The old codger glanced, grimaced, growled at the former New York mayor to his right.” Sanders said, “I got a real problem with multibillionaires literally buying elections.” Dr. Paul Kengor joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss his recent column, “Bernie Loses His Billionaire Best Friend And possibly his path to the nomination.www.faithandfreedom.com

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