Vocal Point-Dr. Paul Kengor

Paul Kengor2Dr. Paul Kengor is a best-selling author, whose columns are syndicated in multiple places. He has written several important books on the importance of faith (or the lack thereof) among some politicians, e.g., God and Ronald Reagan. Dr. Kengor, who teaches political science and history at Grove City College, joins Jerry Newcombe, to express his chagrin at the treatment of Ted Cruz at the RNC convention for saying we should “vote our conscience.” www.visionsandvalues.org

1 thought on “Vocal Point-Dr. Paul Kengor

  1. Trump has exceedingly thin skin and at the slightest provocation has to strike back-hard. It seems that this characteristic has worn off on his followers. What is wrong with voting one’s conscience? Should one vote against one’s conscience?
    Jerry: One should NEVER vote against one’s conscience. At this point, I see the election overall as a referendum on the Supreme Court. I am very encouraged by Trump’s selection of Pence as his running mate. As my former Congressman Allen West said recently: Trump wasn’t my first choice, but at this point, he’s my only choice. Note: these are my views, and I’m speaking for myself.

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