Dr. Peter Lillback is the president of Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia. He teamed up with Jerry Newcombe in 2006 and together they produced the 1200-page volume, George Washington’s Sacred Fire, which ended up becoming a bestselling book in 2010 (thanks to Glenn Beck insisting that every American should get this book). Peter Lillback joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss a remark from Karl Marx: if you get a nation to forget its history (such as the Christianity of George Washington and several of our founding fathers), then you can remake it in a new (and totally unimproved) vein. @peterlillback www.providenceforum.org

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    Scholar Dr. Paul Maier, on a program for which I served as lead producer: “The Who Is This Jesus special I think was extremely successful in breaking out of the evangelical ghetto…I think it was marvelously done and was wondrously received.”
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