Vocal Point-Drew Klein

Topic: Covid-19 and Economic Ingenuity

The impact of Covid-19 and the economy and some possible ways to minimize the damage is our topic on this portion of Vocal Point. Drew Klein is the Iowa state director for Americans for Prosperity. Recently, Drew Klein has written about an example out of Iowa where a former prisoner found his calling as a barber. After paying his debt to society, William Burt wanted to become a mobile barber. But various red-tape regulations have hindered that goal, until now. Klein notes: “Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds recently signed a bill into law that will legalize mobile barber shops in the state and ultimately loosen restrictions on hardworking Iowans seeking to make a living.” Drew Klein of the Americans for Prosperity joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss the coronavirus and economic ingenuity to weather the storm. www.americansforprosperity.org

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