Vocal Point-Edward John Hughes

A friend of mine who has labored in Europe for years for the Gospel sake said that trying to spread the Gospel in Europe is like trying to plow concrete. But God appears to be raising up Christian leaders to spread the Word there. Edward John Hughes lives and works in Oslo, Norway and is a musician and a host for God-TV. He became converted while in the United States and has returned to his native Norway to help spread the Gospel. Edward John Hughes is praying for a million souls in Europe to find new live in Jesus Christ. Edward John Hughes joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to talk about trying to reach Norway for Christ. www.edwardjohn.org

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  1. Really good interview Jerry! Covered a lot of territory about ‘Evangelizing Europe’ with gospel of Jesus Christ and bringing lost souls to the Savior. I appreciate you inviting Edward John Hughes on Vocal Point. Thank you.

    All God’s Best.
    Patra Minocha, Publicist
    Brave Hill Productions
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