Vocal Point-Eric Scheidler

Eric Scheidler

Eric Scheidler

Writer Tom Ciesielka pens: “In 2012, hundreds of thousands of pro-lifers and people of faith took to the streets in a series of rallies, presented by a coalition known as Stand Up for Religious Freedom. The rallies were protests against the HHS Mandate. Protesting the notion that people should not be forced to pay for insurance coverage for contraceptives and abortion-inducing drugs.” But recently, October 6, 2017, President Trump reversed this mandate. Eric Scheidler, co-director of the coalition, stated: “The First Amendment’s historic safeguard of our most basic freedoms has now been vindicated. We stood up for First Amendment and demanded that all our health care laws respect religious freedom. Today, we see the fruit of that labor as a result of hundreds of thousands of protesters who participated in Stand Up for Religious Freedom rallies across the country.” Eric Scheidler rejoins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss the HHS Mandate and this recent development. www.prolifeaction.org


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