Vocal Point-Evan Feinberg

Topic: Government Shutdown Highlights Problem of Poverty

A recent report found that 78% of Americans apparently live paycheck to paycheck. With the partial government shutdown, how do the 800,000 or so laid off government workers make it? This is a teachable moment on poverty in the US and how to alleviate it, says Evan Feinberg, the executive director of “Stand Together.” It describes itself as “a venture philanthropy network and social change platform dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty.” Feinberg says, “If we want to give the millions of Americans trapped in poverty a path toward success, we must find, support and supercharge the men and women on the ground doing the work to help their neighbors on that journey.” Evan Feinberg joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss the government shutdown and the ongoing problem of poverty in America and how the private sector (including churches) can help alleviate it. www.stand-together.org

Originally Published January 28th, 2019


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