Vocal Point-Gurpatwant Pannun

Christians are being persecuted in India. So are other religious minorities. Discussing the persecution of Christians in India as well as of Sikhs and other religious minorities is a human rights attorney from India—Gurpatwant Pannun of Sikhs for Justice. He is an American citizen, advocating for religious minorities in his native India. Recently, he was banned by Twitter and by Facebook “after criticizing the human rights record of Indian Prime Minister Modi.” U.S. State Department spokesman, Robert Palladino in 2018 commented on the Sikhs for Justice independence movement, stating: “We have freedom of speech in the United States, we have freedom of association, and these are bedrock principles of American society.” Gurpatwant Pannun joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss religious persecution in India at present. www.sikhsforjustice.org

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