Vocal Point-Jeremy Dys

Topic: Covid-19 and Churches

During the coronavirus crisis, most churches are going along with not opening their doors for services, lest they infect someone. Some churches, however, are creatively holding drive-in type services in ways that will keep everyone safe. But even that approach has been sanctioned by some political leaders. This happened, for example, in Greenville, Mississippi, who’s mayor is Errick Simmons. Would-be worshipers were threatened hefty fines for attending “drive-in” church. Jeremy Dys, Special Counsel for First Liberty Institute, said: “Mayor Simmons was repeatedly pressed about whether churches who abide by CDC guidelines and host drive-in church will face the specter of the police arriving on scene to disperse those peaceably assembled in worship….The mayor continues to single out and target the churches of Greenville.” Jeremy Dys joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss this issue. www.firstliberty.org

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