Vocal Point-John Pudaite

About a hundred years ago, a tribe of headhunters in India were reached for Christ because of a single copy of the Gospel of John in their language. This transformed the whole community miraculously. Years later, Rochanga Pudaite from that tribe and his wife Mawii founded a ministry in America (first in Wheaton, Illinois, now in Colorado Springs) called Bibles for the World—in order to spread the Word of God as wide as possible. Today, Bibles for the World is led by Rochanga’s son, John Pudaite. He has been described as being “passionate about appropriating new technologies and sustainable development to help advance the cause of Christ.” John Pudaite joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss the impact of the Bible and the challenge to spread its message even more. www.biblesfortheworld.org

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